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Breeding German Shorthair Pointers in Michigan

At vom Nordland, we specialize in breeding German Shorthaired Pointers in Michigan. Our AKC registered breeding program focuses on producing quality dogs renowned for their hunting prowess, loyal companionship, and suitability as family pets. With a commitment to excellence, we take pride in our mission to provide top-tier German Shorthairs, rooted in European heritage.

vom Nordland
vom Nordland

Our Journey in Canine Breeding

Our journey with German Shorthaired Pointers began in 1977 when we welcomed our first Shorthair, "Dutch." Since 1990, we've been breeding Shorthairs, prioritizing German bloodlines for their proven hunting prowess, temperament, and family-friendly nature. We’ve also recently integrated Czech and Romanian lines into our breeding program.

Ideal Facilities

Our kennel stands out with its unique half-acre wooded enclosure, equipped with doggy doors for outdoor freedom. In 2004, we expanded to a 152-acre farm, featuring ponds and vast fields for training. Here, we've built flight pens with pheasants to aid in training and offer conditioning services for hunting dogs. In 2021 we sold the farm on land contract with the contingency that we would be able to continue to use indefinitely for training purposes. We also live on Lake Gogebic with 23 acres of wooded land with a fair amount of grouse and water training for the dogs.

Hunter & Faithful Companion

The Germans meticulously bred the Shorthair to excel as a versatile hunter's partner and a devoted, affectionate companion. Tasked with a range of field duties, from locating birds to pointing them out and retrieving downed game, the Shorthair collaborates closely with its human counterpart, regularly seeking guidance. Most German Pointers embody energy, a love for water, companionship, humor, intelligence, and loyalty, along with an innate drive to pursue small game.

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The Shorthair embodies a high level of activity, primarily serving as a hunting companion. They display an eagerness to learn and please from a young age, although maturity may vary, with some reaching full maturity at nine months and others not until two years old. Training sessions should be brief and straightforward, recognizing that each dog learns at its own pace. In terms of physical attributes, most German Shorthairs measure 23 to 25 inches in height for males and 21 to 23 inches for females, with weights ranging from 70 to 80 pounds for males and 55 to 65 pounds for females.

vom Nordland

Our Expertise

We aim to breed quality German Shorthair pups capable of excelling as versatile hunters and beloved family companions. Coat color and patterns vary among individuals, ranging from solid liver or black to liver and white patched or ticked, and black and white patched or ticked.

vom Nordland
vom Nordland

GSP Breed

The German Shorthaired Pointer breed standard emphasizes versatility, highlighting its role as a capable hunter and all-purpose gun dog, excelling in both field and water. It is characterized by a graceful silhouette, well-defined head, sloping shoulders, deep chest, robust back, strong hindquarters, and sturdy bone structure. Additionally, it boasts a well-carried tail and a sleek, taut coat. A quality GSP exhibits balance, clean lines, effortless movement, and the ability to cover the ground with minimal effort, defining the traits of an exceptional dog.