Breeding of German Shorthaired Pointer

in Michigan

The Shorthair is a hunting dog, faithful companion, and family dog

AKC Registered German Shorthair Breeder

Vom Nordland is advertising the breeding of the German Shorthaired pointer. We pride our self on our mission to breeding and providing quality German Shorthair's

Our Shorthairs

Our love for the breed began with the purchase of our first Shorthair "Dutch" back in 1977. We started breeding Shorthairs in 1990 using the German bloodlines because of their proven success in hunting ability, temperament, and the family companionship that the German lines produce. In recent years, introduced both the Czech and Romanian lines in our breeding.

Our kennel is unusual in the fact that we fenced in a half-acre through the woods. Doggy doors enable the dogs to let themselves out of the house and enjoy hunting outdoors at their pleasure.

In 2004, we purchased a 152 acre farm with ponds, and large fields for training the dogs. We have since constructed flight pens with pheasant to help us with their training and for others to bring their pups for training and adult dogs for conditioning for out west hunting.

Hunter & Faithful Companion

Germans intentionally bred the Shorthair to be a skilled, all-around hunter's mate as well as a loving, faithful companion.

The Shorthair’s job was to master a variety of field tasks, from searching for birds to pointing out their brushy retreats to retrieving downed birds to the hunter’s hand, all the while working closely with its partner, checking in for instructions regularly.

Most German Pointers are energetic, water-loving, companionable, funny, smart and loyal dogs with an incredible drive to chase small furry or feathery critters.


The Shorthair is primarily a hunting dog with a high level of activity that needs to be channeled. They are eager to learn and please at a very young age.

Training sessions should be kept short and simple. We have had some Shorthairs fully mature at age nine months and others not until they reach two years old.

Just like people, not all are created equal and while some will learn a task quickly, others may take more time and patience.

Color & Pattern

Most German Shorthairs, measured at the withers, are 23 to 25 inches high. The height of the females, measured at the withers, is generally 21 to 23 inches.

The normal weight of the German Shorthair is 55 to 70 pounds, while the weight of the female Shorthair is 45 to 60 pounds.

Our goal at Vom Nordland is to produce quality German Shorthair pups that will grow into versatile hunting dogs and loving family pets with the desire to please not only in the field but at home.

Each German Shorthair's coat color and the pattern is unique. They range from solid liver and solid black to liver and white patched and ticked, to black and white patched and ticked.

GSP Breed

The GSP breed standard call's for a dog that is a versatile hunter, an all-purpose gun dog capable of high performance in field and water. It has a graceful outline, clean-cut head, sloping shoulders, deep chest, powerful back, strong quarters, good bone composition, a well-carried tail, and a taut coat.

A balanced dog with a clean outline and natural movement, a dog that can cover the ground with minimal effort are hallmarks of a good dog.